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Home Picture With servers, it is critical to ensure that they are maintained to provide security, stability and to ensure they are performing to their capabilities. DBA in a Box provides maintenance plans to fit your needs. Our remote administration service provides a cost savings over having dedicated staff to provide maintenance. For a smaller enterprise, this eliminates unnecessary staffing costs related to maintenance of your servers. For medium and large enterprises, remote administration allows your administrators to concentrate on providing more value to the business through forward development rather than splitting their efforts between maintenance and development. The result is that, depending on the number of servers in your enterprise, you can cut costs by 15%-80% per year by using our remote administration services.

Here are some details on the maintenance plans that are available:

Gold Maintenance Plan
  • An initial performance evaluation is performed to ensure your systems are configured optimally for your needs.
  • An annual performance evaluation keeps you informed of the status of your servers as time goes by.
  • Quarterly updates on trends that need to be addressed and capacity limitations that are being reached.
  • Your servers are monitored 24x7x365 and issues are resolved proactively to ensure that your information is available when you need it.
  • Weekly backups are performed and stored on-site.
  • Recovery from backups performed as needed, up to 4 times in a month.
  • Evaluation and Installation of Service Packs, Patches, Hot fixes and Security Updates scheduled so as to minimize impact to your operations
Platinum Maintenance Plan
  • All features from the Gold Maintenance Plan
  • Support for systems that are using high availability techniques such as clustering or replication
  • Daily backups with support for point-in-time recovery
  • Monthly offline maintenance scheduled to minimize operational impact.
  • Weekly off-site backup storage to ensure your business continuity
  • Database Security Management
  • Microsoft Licensing Management
Microsoft SQL Server is a Registered Trademark of Microsoft, inc.