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Home Picture Before you can set a destination, you have to know where you are. That is why most customers begin with an evaluation of their existing SQL Server environment. A staff Database Administrator will examine your environment and show you what is working well and where there are improvements that can be made.

The recommendations are broken down into those that can be performed without having to purchase any new hardware or licensing and those that will require a capital purchase. The report that is provided includes plain non-technical explanations of why each recommendation is being made.

View a sample report to see what a basic analysis looks like.

When you are ready to move forward on the recommendations, you can have your own staff perform the changes or our staff can do it for you. A more advanced analysis is also available for those that want to get in-depth information on their server.

Some of the benefits to your business of a performance analysis are:

  • Know where you are in regards to your server's limits
  • Stretch your server's limits without further investment
  • Accurately forecast when your server will need to be upgraded or replaced
  • Strategically plan your future needs
  • Lower the time it takes to get a response from your server
  • Create a road map for improvement
Microsoft SQL Server is a Registered Trademark of Microsoft, inc.